The Different Types of Good Luck Charms

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You can see the Good Luck Charms online, in department stores, supermarkets and many other places. They are made of beads, string, satin ribbon, paper, plastic, leather and metals. These charms are made to look like money, do not have a face or any real face at all.

Money is the most popular for a Good Luck Charm. It is easy to make your own money charm. Just have a piece of satin ribbon, cotton cord, or a small round gift tag and attach it to the inside of the Good Luck Charm. A jewelry box filled with a few things you love is a very good idea.

Another way to give money Good Luck Charm is to have a Happy Birthday card, which can be taped to the inside of the Good Luck Charm. When you receive a Happy Birthday card from the person who gave you the card, it will bring you good luck.

Money also makes a good birthday gift. The birthday girl can make her own Money Charm that looks like a wallet, purse or something else and take it to school. When it gets stolen by a boy she has a chance to make it right again.

Another good idea is to put the coin that you have in your pocket or on your purse, either in your front pocket or back pocket. Each time you lose a coin, try to find it and put it back in the coin pouch and be sure to write down its value or use your coin pouch for the next coin.

You can also write your number on a piece of paper that will serve as a Good Luck Charm when you lose a number. Each time you get a call or text on your phone, look at the paper and see if it says your number or if there is an “X “1” somewhere on the paper.

A new mobile phone can also serve as a Good Luck Charm. If it is your first new mobile phone and you know you will be buying another one soon, then you can have your old phone melted down. Then you can have the amount you wish to donate to a charitable organization or to a charity drive.

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Money makes a great Good Luck Charm. You can get money from the person that gave you the money or give money to charity. It can be a simple token of love, or a small gift for a loved one that needs a little something extra.

A couple of Good Luck Charms can be tied together in a bracelet, necklace or charm for a special occasion. For example, if you and your partner are about to get married, you could have a beautiful bracelet that says, “In Loving Memory of”. You could also tie a charm around your wrist saying, “Happy Anniversary”.

You could have a Good Luck Charm tied around your neck that says, “All I Need is Love”, or, “There’s Nothing I Can’t Do For You”. Or, you could have a Money Good Luck Charm that says, “Your Love Helps Me Grow”.

You can have an old watch, a dollar bill, a ring, a coin, or a watch band. Tie the contents together to make a ring. You could even tie them all together to make a bracelet.

For the best luck, the best luck charms have to be made of metal. Metal is more stable and durable than other material that a charm can be made out of.